A cultivated meat company using scaffold-free structuring technology to make the next generation of meat alternatives.

Ohayo Valley's WagyuMe burger - Better Than Animal

Our ambitious goal to develop cultivated meat products that are better than conventional meat. We achieved this with a burger on the very first attempt. Meet Ohayo’s WagyuMe burger, a blend of plant based proteins and fat mixed with cultivated wagyu cells. Our next product in development is wagyu steak, made with our proprietary meat structuring technology.

Cultivating meat without using animals
Better for wildlife and animals used in agriculture
Protecting the planet by reducing climate change
What We Do

Prime Opportunity in the Industry

Ohayo Valley's proprietary scaffold-free meat structuring platform is low cost and can scale to tons-per-hour production capacity. This meat structuring technology also allows us to completely customize any type of meat product and species while refining desirable ingredients and removing unsavory elements of animal meat.

about us

Innovating the Meat Industry

Dr. Jess Krieger is the CEO and founder of Ohayo Valley. She is a pioneer, visionary, published scientist, and the first scientist in the world to build a career exclusively in cultivated meat science in 2010. During her PhD she applied her muscle tissue engineering experience to her own product development strategy for structured meat products. She was an early New Harvest research Fellow and also the technical cofounder of SciFi Foods.


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